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March 2nd 2024

SFU Software Systems Student Society
presents their 8th annual hackathon!

Applications close Feb 13

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What is ChaosHacks?

ChaosHacks is this year’s iteration of the Software Systems Student Society's annual hackathon, SystemsHacks. It is a 12-hour, beginner-oriented hackathon that takes place at SFU’s Surrey campus and has been organized annually since 2017. We aim to create a welcoming environment for new hackers to make new connections and learn something new. Each year, SystemsHacks takes on a new theme, and for 2024 it’s ChaosHacks!

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12 Hours

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100+ Participants

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SFU Surrey

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Software Systems Student Society

The Software Systems Student Society (SSSS) is the student union that represents the interests of the Software Systems student body at SFU. We organize events to encourage making valuable peer connections and complement the academic experience, such as SystemsHacks right here!

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Past Hackathons

2023 - RootHacks

The name “RootHacks” reflects a broadly plant-based theme, and we hope to inspire participants to consider how their personal roots can offer them a unique perspective when building their project.

Quackathon 2022 banner

2022 - Quackathon

Create a project broadly duck-based that'll make the judges quack up! Create a duck mascot, identify ducks with AI, and more; you're only limited by your imagination! Think up new and innovative ways to insert a duck wherever into your project!



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